Wolf River Memphis

The Wolf River activity will re-establish wetlands and other flood storage to accommodate water flow thereby protecting nearby and downstream homes. In conjunction with the wetland restoration, this activity also provides for completion of the Wolf River Greenway connection, the 18-mile foundational trail of the regional Greenprint network, repair and upgrades of two local parks and creation of a green street.

Orchi Road Connector WolfRiver1

In 2011, twenty homes were flooded on Orchi Road and Kendrick Street as stormwater overtopped Orchi Road from the north side. The Orchi connector activity will elevate a section of the road approximately six feet to prevent future overtopping in similar storm events and create a wetland pond for stormwater storage. A pivotal local connector, Orchi Road will be reconstructed as a Complete Street with bicycle facilities along the north side of the road which will provide a direct connection between the neighborhoods and the Wolf River Greenway.




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Rodney Baber Park, Frayser

During the 2011 disasters, this park was inundated by floodwaters which destroyed the electrical infrastructure. This activity will raise the site above the floodplain while adding flood storage and stormwater capacity. Following the infill and infrastructure repair, upgrades for Rodney Baber Park will include recreational facilities, a fishing lake, trails, a new wetland area and existing wetland preservation.






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Kennedy Park, Raleigh

To reduce downstream flooding, the Wolf River’s wetlands in the Kennedy Park area will be expanded to provide detention areas and water quality buffers. Park amenities will also be upgraded to include a soccer field which will also serve as a flood detention area and other park infrastructure.