About the National Disaster Resilience Competition Grant

The U.S Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) made $1 billion available in CDBG-DR funding to state and local governments impacted by disasters in 2011 – 2013 for the purpose of promoting innovative resilience projects to better prepare communities for future storms and other events. Due to a series of severe storms and floods in April and May 2011, Shelby County was one of 67 eligible jurisdictions for the NDRC. In January 2016, Shelby County was awarded $60M in federal funds for its Greenprint for Resilience project.

The project includes four activities: projects along Big Creek, Wolf River, and South Cypress Creek and a regional resilience plan to model and plan for flood impact and other climate risk across the county and tri-state region. The three place-based activities include scalable solutions to create flood resilience, community redevelopment and connectivity to benefit low- to-moderate-income communities in Memphis and Millington, TN.

Shelby County Application Overview & Key Points

Using a concept of “making room for the river,” Shelby County’s approach to resilience builds off of the Mid-South and Regional Greenprint and Sustainability Plan to address four core resilience values:

  1. Protect lives and improve quality of life through creation of wetlands and other flood storage to protect communities and create green assets.
  2. Reduce community burden of vacancy and vulnerable housing by removing residents from homes at risk of continued flooding and developing a vacant lot program to reduce 47% vacancy rates in Memphis.
  3. Establish connectivity to opportunities and community assets, building on the regional Greenprint with nearly 30 miles of new trails or bike paths connecting to green space, housing and jobs.
  4. Implement the regional sustainability plan integrating scalable, resilient solutions by creating innovative solutions to flood prone communities along Greenprint corridors.