NDRC Procurements and Contracts

NDRC Procurements

At this time, the Shelby County Department of Public Works does not have any open procurements for the County’s National Disaster Resilience Competition Grant. Please check back soon to see if any procurements were recently let.

The Shelby County Purchasing Department is responsible for all procurements completed by the county. Complete procedures regarding the county’s bidding process are available on the Purchasing Website. Additionally, all current, active procurements are listed on the Purchasing Department’s website, which can be accessed here.  For assistance locating any NDRC contracts, please search roads and bridges contracts.

Grant Agreements

Shelby County Grant Agreement

NDRC Contracts

ACOT Associates Group

Barge, Waggoner, Sumner and Cannon

Barnes & Brower, Inc.

Barnes and Brower Inc. Amendment No. 1

Bouldin and Associates Phase 6

Bouldin Associates Phase 6_ 5 Tracts Appraisals

Fisher and Arnold


Integra Phase 10

Kimley-Horn and Associates

National Audubon Society Consultation

Pickering Firm

Sasaki Associates

Sasaki Associates (Resilience Master Plan)


THY, INC. Amendment No.1

Tioga Environmental Consultants

TIOGA Environmental Consultants Amendment No. 1

Wade and Associates Phase 6

Wade and Associates Phase 10

W. H. Porters Consultants

W.H. Porters Amendment No. 1

Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs)

Shelby County and City of Memphis MOU

Purchase Orders (POs)

Panamerican Consultants