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South Cypress Creek Water Permit – Request for Extension for Water Quality Certification  

The Shelby County Government has submitted a letter, dated August 28, 2020, to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) – Division of Water Resources (DWR) requesting an extension of sixty (60) days to meet the Division’s Land Use Restrictions regarding Water Quality Certification on the County’s Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit (ARAP). TDEC issued the permit for the County’s South Cypress Creek flood resiliency project, which is funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Community Development Block Grant – National Disaster Resilience (CDBG-NDR) program.

This notification is intended to inform the general public of the status of the South Cypress Creek flood resiliency project development.

Interested parties can read the extension letter here.

For a better look at the current iteration of the South Cypress Creek design, please click on the following link and graphics:

South Cypress Creek Design Presentation

South Cypress Creek Watershed and Neighborhood Redevelopment

This activity will provide flood control and community support for a Southwest Memphis low-income community faced with high levels of flood risk, vacancy, and blight.

Making Room for the River

This activity’s “Making Room for the River” design philosophy embraces the water, increases awareness of risk, and steps down that risk with a series of wetlands to buffer against flooding and accommodate storm water. Specific steps include the creation of wetlands, stormwater lots, and protective berms, along with buyout of vulnerable homes and stream restoration. These open space and infrastructure activities will make the neighborhood more resilient in future disaster and flooding events, create wildlife habitats and increase green space.

Community Programs and Vacant Land Reuse

Community programs and vacant lot reuse will support articulated community goals of community and economic development, retail services, social programs, and healthy food access.  The vacant lot program will remove blight and help knit together the physical environment of the community by repurposing vacant lots for flood mitigation, food production, community activities and retail.  The program will also identify suitable building lots for affordable rehabilitation or infill supporting community members displaced by 2011 flooding or voluntary buyouts.

Multi-Purpose Trails

Additional community support will be provided through the development of the Mitchell Road key on-road connector of the GREENPRINT which will provide six mile of new bike lanes connecting the neighborhood to T.O. Fuller State Park and local job centers.  New neighborhood trails will also provide access to Roosevelt Park and connect local schools and community center.

Environmental Review – Authority to Use Grant Funds

Below are links to a complete copy of the South Cypress Creek Environmental Assessment, as well as copies of the County’s request to HUD to use grant funds on the South Cypress Creek Project. With HUD’s approval, the County will be cleared to begin construction on the South Cypress Creek Watershed Project and the associated improvements.

South Cypress Creek Environmental Assessment – CDBG Worksheets

South Cypress Creek Environmental Assessment and Attachments

South Cypress Creek Combined Public Notice

Shelby County’s Request For Release of Funds

HUD’s Response to the Objections to the Request for Release of Funds on South Cypress Creek

Public Notice of Environmental Review

Below are links to the notices that Shelby County published stating it had conducted an evaluation as required by Executive Order 11988 to determine the potential effect that its activity in wetlands and the floodplain will have on the human environment for the South Cypress Creek Watershed and West Junction Neighborhood Redevelopment Project under the HUD National Disaster Resiliency Grant.

Letter to FEMA – 1st 8-Step Ad

Letter to FEMA – 2nd 8-Step Ad

Letter to FEMA – Combined Notice – FONSI and Intent to RROF

Public Response to South Cypress Creek FONSI-RROF_Part 1

Public Response to South Cypress Creek FONSI-RROF_Part 2