NDRC General Documents

Shelby County Citizen Participation Plan

Citizen Participation Plan for Shelby County Department of Housing

Consolidated 5 Year Strategic Plan for FY 2020 – 2024

Shelby County NDRC Implementation

Shelby County Action Plan Action Plan #8 Revised April 2024

Shelby County Approved Action Plan #7 Revised October 2023

Shelby County Approved Action Plan #6 Revised September 2021

Shelby County Action Plan #5 Revised June 2021

Shelby County Action Plan Action Plan #4 Revised October 2020

Shelby County Approved Action Plan #3 Revised October 2018

Shelby County Approved DRGR Action Plan #2 Revised August 2017

Shelby County Approved DRGR Action Plan May 2017

Post-Award Updates:

Request for Budget Allocation

Request for Time Extension

Section 3 Information

Presentation to Memphis City Council, April 19, 2016

Presentation to Shelby County Commission, April 20, 2016

Phase II application:

The Phase II application for Shelby County was submitted by the October 27, 2015 deadline. The elements of the application, including all attachments, can be found by clicking the links below.  The county anticipates to learn an award decision from HUD in January 2016. Thank you to all who participated in the County’s NDRC application process over the last year.

Exhibit A – Executive Summary

Exhibit B – Threshold Requirements

Exhibit C – Capacity

Exhibit D – Need

Exhibit E – Soundness of Approach

Exhibit F – Leverage

Exhibit G – Long-term Commitments

Attachment D – Consultation Summary

Attachment E – Optional Maps, Drawing, Renderings (links to a folder)

Attachment F & G – Benefit Cost Analysis & Waiver Requests

Phase I Application

The Phase I application identified unmet recovery needs stemming from three May 2011 disasters (FEMA 1974-DR, 1978-DR and 1979-DR), which include housing, environmental degradation and infrastructure needs. Hinging off of the concept of “making room for the river,” the Shelby County approach for the NDRC incorporates and builds off of the foundation laid by the Mid-South Regional Greenprint and Sustainability Plan (GREENPRINT 2015/2040). In Phase II, project formulation will utilize the fundamentals of the Greenprint, and will account for these unmet needs with the potential to expand within the target area (Shelby County), which will be made possible via leveraging partners from the public, private and non-profit sectors. The key partners and stakeholders that contributed to the success of the Greenprint will continue to be engaged in Phase II. The Phase I application can be found visiting the Sustainable Shelby website.